Three new reviews at Jail Crew

Wiz has been a very busy teenage por. . . .never mind. Reviews of JB-EnemyAtTheGates, JB-Hydro16-300 (the '300' stands for 'Bone-proof', by the way), and JB-MidnightCity3 are currently online at the highly esteemed Jail Crew. Of course, all of these maps are terribly violent and morally reprehensible. I love each and every one of them.


Lockdown, Llamas, Lazy Lads

Image - Lockdown, Llamas, Lazy Lads

Yesterday's Lockdown was kinda crowded (which is great), and Bonecrusher, Wiz and myself have taken a couple of screenshots for all those who missed out. Check them out.


How I hate the petty mind

ZDnet is running an incredibly ill-informed story on the mod scene, focusing on the concept that minors should be restricted from having access to mods, from creating them, and even from accessing web site that discuss them. Apparently they're too violent.

In stating that, they're completely glossing over the fact that mod creation is a character forming and skill building activity that, in a world filled with violence, can keep younger modders off the streets and can help them develop valuable social and professional skills.

According to David Walsh, president of one of those 'wholesome' organizations that has made it its crusade to fight the symptoms, while ignoring the fact that our whole society, from the top levels of government to the cheesiest TV show, promotes violence as a solution for it problems, underage mod makers are the moral equivalent of teenage pornographers. Even senate is getting involved, as often they do when they think FUD will win them votes, with senator Lieberman (yeah, that one) supporting a bill that would punish companies who market allegedly violent games to children.

The degree of stupidity and populism that has gone into this turd of a journalistic effort stupefies me. It spreads the same old nonsense that violence harms children, while apparently living in a dream world for their whole youth, only to be exposed to the violence of society as they mature and finding themselves unable to cope with it doesn't harm children. In addition it implies that, creating a mesh of, for example a gun, is tantamount to being exposed to violence, as opposed to being exposed to a creative environment where they can learn teamwork and social interaction.

It is my opinion that mod making is a creative and fulfilling past time for people of all ages, and I will be writing letters to both senator Lieberman and Mr. Walsh stating that in no uncertain terms. For those of you equally riled, Senator Lieberman can be contacted through this page. Although the National Institute on media and the family has a non-functional contact page, they can be e-mailed here.

One final note. If there are any underage aspiring modders, mappers, or modelers out there who believe they can contribute something to UTJB, drop me a line. I'm sure we can work something out.


More TheSpoonDog Goodness

Image - More TheSpoonDog Goodness

While everybody is eagerly beta-testing JB-Mutiny, TheSpoonDog has silently released JB-Hydro16-320. Above all, the new version features new enhanced unescapable Bone-proof jails with a persistent supply of sniper rifles and a fun in-jail jumping facility.

Head over to TheSpoonDog's place and grab the new version now.


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