A Brief History of Crushing

Image - A Brief History of Crushing

A very long time ago, RevBillyG had an idea: a map whose central feature was a giant swinging pendulum. A crusher, in fact. What he didn't know was that this pendulum would have a subconscious influence on both him and the map, and that his map would return over and over again. Just like the pendulum, in fact.

After the original Jailbreak III version, called simply Crusher, Rev worked on a version for Jailbreak 2004, called Crusher2k4. The change of style for that one didn't work out, so he made Crusher2 instead. And now he's remade Crusher2, and it's called Crusher3.

After all that history, you need a break. Download this excellent map from NaliCity and give it a play.

Rev's Mystery

Image - Rev's Mystery

RevBillyG has just posted this picture in our forum with very little explanation. I really have no idea what it might be. (Obviously, he's working on a new map, but beyond that I mean.)

Care to make your own guess?

Walk like an Egyptian

Image - Walk like an Egyptian

A new map for you to enjoy: The_Head's JB-Egypt has been released and is now on Nali City.

With an Egyptian setting (like you couldn't have guessed), this map sports a long-awaited first for Jailbreak: shared jails. While this has always been possible with Jailbreak 200x's code design, this is the first map that implements it. Pick jailfights with your enemies, not just your team-mates, and... don't drop the soap.

Out of the woodwork...

Image - Out of the woodwork...

It seems there's a bit of a Jailbreak revival starting. I'm not entirely sure how it came about, but all of a sudden, we've a few people interested in getting Jailbreak 2004c finished, and a massive list of all the unfinished maps and add-ons.

This is a screenie of a map called Fragtion, a work in progress by fearless tester of beta maps G.Lecter. I think it looks very cool, there's something of UT-era CliffyB about it.

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