Image - Genesis

Mapper Derdak2rot has tried his hand at Jailbreak with this conversion. He's posted some fantastic screenshots and a beta version you can try out.

What's the catch? It's for UTJB, so you'll need to free up a few megabytes of space on your hard drive to reinstall the original Unreal Tournament. But it's a fantastic game, and a fantastic map, so why complain? Enjoy, and don't forget to welcome Derdak2rot to the Jailbreak community.

All aboard for the JELP

Image - All aboard for the JELP

Do you like Jailbreak? Do you like pizza and beer? Would you like to try these together, during a long weekend in the Netherlands?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then JELP 2006 is for you! JELP is the Jailbreak Euro Lan Party, and this year's event will be taking place in Geldrop. It's the same venue as last year, so Dalton's pictures will give you an idea of what to expect. There's pictures of older JELPs on our features page.

If you would like to attend, then event organizer Boost needs to know now! Post a reply in the JELP 2006 thread on our forum, and reserve your apfelkorn. Remember: defend the beer!

Rev Revealed

Image - Rev Revealed

If you're still wondering what Rev's teaser was all about, head on over to the thread about it for plenty of screenshots, an alpha version to download, and discussion about marshmallows.

Here's a shot of the UFO. Yeah, I bet that all makes a real load of sense to you now.

Keeping Score

Image - Keeping Score

Mychaeel writes: "Jail fights are a nice way to pass one's time, but there never really was any incentive to frag one's jailmate except for the sheer joy of seeing them bust into pieces."

What more could you want, I ask? Well, you could want to keep score, and this is where Jail Fight Tally comes in. This is a new add-on Mychaeel has just released. Download it now, and expect some tense scenes in jail at the next lockdown.

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