In my spare time I like to think of crazy ideas for Jailbreak Add-ons. A long time ago, I wondered: what if the release switches opened all jails? In other words, you'd have to decide whether it's worth releasing your team, because you'd also lose the prisoners you have caught so far.

Well, some of our coders are looking at implementing this, perhaps for inclusion in the next Jailbreak release.

What do you think? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Will it add an interesting twist to gameplay, or it is useless? Would you play it? Let us know.

The Spam King

Image - The Spam King

The mapper who brought us the excellent SpaceLego, 4WD, sends word that he has released three new conversions of maps to Jailbreak.

And what maps! He's picked the spammiest, flakiest, rocket-fest-ish (is that a word?) maps to bring to Jailbreak. Can we expect to see these on the Mothership? Who knows! I had this crazy rocket fight on one of them. And you can, too.

JELP: the aftermath

Image - JELP: the aftermath

If things seem quiet round here it's because everyone's recovering from JELP, the Jailbreak Euro LAN Party that took place in the Netherlands at the end of July. You can see from this picture the sort of thing that went on, and that I missed out on. There are more pictures on Dalton's site.

Mychaeel (he's the one in the picture with the handcuffs) created a special build of Jailbreak for the tournament, and that allowed some bug testing to be done as well as the playing (and the handcuffs). One small step closer to an eventual next release of Jailbreak.

Defend the display

Image - Defend the display

Retro: it never goes out of fashion. And for lovers of old-school, here's another new map, brought to you by long-time UTJB mapper Rob.

Awot is set on a space station, and if you look at the early screenshots that are taken in the editor, you can see just how hard he's pushing the old engine now it's running on hardware that's so much more powerful than what it was designed for. Just look at all those lights!

Awot stands for "Another Waste of Time" but I disagree. it's well worth your time to download this map. And then play it on Wednesday Parole too!

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