Two maps added to the JBIII Mothership

Image - Two maps added to the JBIII Mothership

Two maps that were released recently have been added to our faithful Jailbreak III Mothership Server, for those of you who still like a bit of oldskool UT fun.

The maps are Derdak2rot's sombre, atmospheric Genesis-II and Rob's illuminated space station JB-Awot. Just in time for this week's Wednesday Parole.

Ducks of Doom!

Image - Ducks of Doom!

After the lego bricks, come the duckies! 4WD is probably going to kill me for spoiling the surprise in his latest map, but it's too good not to share. This is a conversion to Jailbreak of Tidal by Sjosz, from the Ultimate Community MapPack Vol 3

You can get it now from Nali City, and see this excellent and hilarious arena weapon mod for yourself. If you've got any crazy ideas you'd like 4WD to implement (dancing pink elephants execution maybe), let him know in our forum.

UT4Mod version of map pack fixed

We've had reports of the zipfile containing the UT4Mod version of the new map pack being corrupt. The file has been re-uploaded to Beyond Unreal FileWorks and everything should now be working correctly.

Map Pack 2: The Conversions

Image - Map Pack 2: The Conversions

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of a new Jailbreak map pack.

This pack contains nine of the best maps converted from other gametypes or updated from UT Jailbreak. These have all been previously released, but some have been specially updated for inclusion in the pack. Pictured here is Atlantis, converted by AcydBurn, and 4WD's SpaceLego just happens to be the pic of the week.

It's been quite while since a few hardy Jailbreakers said "Hey, let's make a pack of some of the best maps around." Perhaps it won't be as long till the next pack...

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