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Sprachen Sie Deutsch?

Just a quick note to say that we need German Jailbreakers to help with translating new parts of the Jailbreak interface. Jrubzjeknf is threatening to use BabelFish if we can't get an authentic German to do it pretty soon. Alternatively, I may apply my rudimentary High School German to the task: Ich bleibe dass Ich kann nacht gut Deutsch, mit mein Kreuzworttratsel. Either way, the results wouldn't be pretty. If you can help, let us know.

PS. Mein Hund had keine Nase. Wie riecht es? Furchbar!
PPS. I can't do umlauts on this keyboard. I'd have put them in otherwise, honestly.

UPDATE: the translations are done. Thanks 4WD!

A Mirror Darkly

Some ideas feel as though they've been around for a long time. Like putting the two enemy bases back to back. And with some ideas, it's that extra twist that makes it work, like having a glass wall between the two.

SirTahngarth has just released a map that does just this: Spyglass. The entire map is divided by a huge glass sheet. (I have a feeling it's a remake of something he did for UT Jailbreak, but that much glass surely wouldn't have worked back then.)

For those interested in history, a development old screenshot was our pic of the week, many moons ago. But if you just want to download and play it, I have a word of warning: look out for falling mines!

Image - A Mirror Darkly

Same thing we do every night

Rev's map Cargo has now been released and awaits you on NaliCity. Zort!

Image - Same thing we do every night

Makin' Whoopee

If you haven't already, check out this new map from RevBillyG that's currently in beta testing. It's called Cargo, it's a little bit inspired by JB-Warehouse, and as ever, Rev's sense of humour is apparent in certain details of his maps.

Here's a shot that doesn't give anything away. For the latest version, go to the last page of the thread.

Image - Makin' Whoopee
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