Hands up if you like Jailbreak

Image - Hands up if you like Jailbreak

As promised, here's a shot of the new Jailbreak 2003 celebration screen. As you can see, we're keeping it much the same: why change a classic? One thing we would like though is to have some new phrases for the bottom of the screen: the "Wormbo sent the blue team to the big house" sort of thing. If you have any suggestions, now's the time to go over to our forum and tell us about them.

TacticalOps on Jailbreak III

Image - TacticalOps on Jailbreak III

Some cross-over news today. UTmod4TO is a mod that enables the use of TacticalOps weapons and player models in UT, and the latest version comes with special Jailbreak III support.

The mod uses the content from the latest version of TacticalOps, so you'll need the retail version to make use of it. Apart form this slight snag, our friend Sexmachine reports from his testing that it "works like a charm". You can download the mod from Beyond Unreal.

Let the games begin!

Get your cheerleading skirts out and dust down your pompoms. The Jailbreak III Tournament is about to begin! Our friend Sexmachine has been busy organising a competition between teams of Jailbreak III players. It's just for fun, but me and the moose both know that there's going to be some tough fighting on the Mothership, starting tomorrow, Monday Jan. 12th 2004 at 19.00 CET.

Because the matches will be played with voice communications, we unfortunately can't allow spectactors: they can talk to both teams and could give away information. However, Wormbo is looking into setting up an IRC Reporter Bot that will feed a live broadcast to our #utjb channel. Breaking news: due to source code problems, it looks like this might not be happening. Sorry, folks.

You'll find the full schedule of matches on our Tournament page, and the list of teams in this forum thread.


Image - Celebration!

Remember this? If you've been playing at our Sunday Lockdown, you'll be familiar with it. It's the famous celebration screen from UT Jailbreak, where the player who rounds up the last of the enemy gets to dance a jig to taunt them, or in the case of this screenshot I just took, play with his crotch in a peculiar way.

The good news is that Wormbo had begun work on the Jailbreak 2003 implementation of this popular feature. He's currently looking at whether to use ragdoll deaths or regular dying animations for winning players who have suicided. I hope to produce screenshots for you as soon as there are any available.

PS. Happy new year!

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