JELP 2003 is history!

Those who've made it to Someren had three days full of fun & laughter, coffee & beer and captures & releases or like Boost has said: 'a weekend one will never forget for life'. Thanks go out to all those, who have helped making this weekend such a blast!
More pictures: Jailbreak Euro LAN Party 2003
Game statistics: JELP 2003 Stats Page

When is this weekend?

Image - When is this weekend?

It's THIS WEEKEND! That's right, the cream of the Jailbreak world is converging on a small spot in the Netherlands for the Jailbreak Euro Lan Party. They'll be spending the whole weekend locked away in a confined space, fragging the crap out of each other. I'm staying home to look after the moose, who is poorly. A million thanks to Boost for making the event possible. Photos will be posted as soon as I have my hands on them!


In preparation of the Wednesday Parole I have added a few mutators to the Jailbreak MotherShip.

The BUF Bonus Pack Mutator adds a couple of new weapons and some armor shards. ElBundee's Random Relic mutator (bundled with Jailbreak III) is set up to spawn 4 random relics per map and Wormbo's Redeemer 2k3 changes the visual effects of the redeemer and the relic of vengeance.

The server is set up to send you the necessary files (redirection is enabled) but I strongly suggest to download and install these mutators before you join the spamfest!

Update (10/26/2003): I have removed these mutators for the Sunday Lockdown. Keep in mind that DST (daylight saving time) is gone as well in most parts of the world, so make sure to have a look at the lockdown counter for the right time to join!

Remix Rage!

Image - Remix Rage!

The man behind some of our favourite UT Jailbreak maps, our very own Spoondog, has made a revamped, remixed and regenerated version of his map Industrial Rage for Jailbreak 2003. I've just been playing it, and I can tell you it's as much fun as the original. He's added a new top level for extra action, and, naturally, cranked up the detail to the sort of level you'd expect for a UT2003 map.

Got a favourite UT Jailbreak map you'd like to see remade for the new version? Stop by our forum and let us know!

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