Join the JELP 2003!

Image - Join the JELP 2003!

Our forum trolls may already know it so this is for those who don't: Thanks to Boost, the Jailbreak Euro Lan Party becomes reality!

From Friday, November 7th untill Sunday, November 9th 2003 Someren in the Netherlands is the only place to be!

14 more or less famous people already signed in, but there are a few more slots available. If you're interested, feel free to have a look at the JELP thread and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

MotherShip Mutator Madness!

Image - MotherShip Mutator Madness!

The rules of engagement have been changed as I have added a bunch of Wormbo's finest mutators to the Jailbreak MotherShip.

The BUF Bonus Pack Mutator adds the poop rifle, the flame thrower and some armor shards.
The Enhanced Items Mod enables the spawning of some random relics (including a new relic of wealth) and tweaks the player's HUD a little.
Redeemer 2k3 changes the visual effects of the redeemer and the relic of vengeance for all you UT2003 lovers.
And finally the Q3A Mutators enable hit sounds and let players start with 25% more health but drain it to the default value over time.

The server is set up to send you the necessary files (redirection is enabled) but I strongly suggest to download and install these mutators before you start fraggin' over at the melting pot .

Rethink your strategies, join this weeks Wednesday Parole and don't forget about our GameVoiceServer.

Update (10/06/2003): These mutators are gone and the Jailbreak MotherShip is back to normal.

Under the sea

Image - Under the sea

Skippy the News Moose has drawn a blank this week, so I'm allowing myself the indulgence of posting a screenshot of my current work in progress. As you can see I'm using the Shiptech set, and I'm going for the underwater look, partly because I like DM-Oceanic and mostly because I'm finding these fiddly static meshes a pain in the butt. I never seem to find enough bits that fit together properly. And there's not enough castle-type stuff.

Man in the moon

Image - Man in the moon

After the great maps you can grab and play right now in the K9 Pack, here's a teaser shot of a map you can't. It's JB-MoonCraters, by Blitz. I gather it's a conversion of his own CTF map, so in fact, you can track it down and play it — just not in its Jailbreak incarnation.

Blitz describes it as "a sprawling moon base that tunnels through two craters, and has a large underground section with lots of connectivity between routes." I describe it as pretty cool, with plenty of scope for hard action as well as hidey-holes and back routes to surprise the enemy when they least expect it. They never do...

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