Merry Christmas!

Sh! I'm hunting wabbits!

Image - Sh! I'm hunting wabbits!

Mychaeel is out hunting bugs with the moose. He's currently tracking down a rare specimen that occasionally sends a release switch to sleep. The conditions for doing this require split-second timing: the blue release switch must be activated once all the red team has been placed in jail, but before the capture message displays (or vice versa). So he's had us chasing all over maps with translocators to get to the release switch just in time after killing off all the damn bots.

Meanwhile, Wormbo has created a magic slider / edit box / number buttons widget, as you can see. This will be used in the Jailbreak Add-ons' settings panels.

The fiddly stuff

Image - The fiddly stuff

I think it's safe to say that many parts of Jailbreak 2003 are up to the stage of small tweaks and fiddly bits. I'm currently looking at the settings panels for Jailbreak Add-Ons and making sure they're all laid out in a consistently pretty manner. The screenshot here is for the Beserker Add-On, which gives the winner of an Arena battle a bit of an extra boost to wreak terrible vengeance on his enemies.

You could stop by our forums to let us know your thoughts on a burning question: do you prefer slider widgets, like in the screenshot, or the number boxes with the + and - buttons? I know, it's a toughie.

Break the silence!

Image - Break the silence!

It's been a while since I posted any news and it's been even longer that I've put anything of real value to our Jailbreak community here. Therefore, I am very proud to announce the upcoming

Custom Map Pack #4 for Jailbreak III.

At the moment we're putting the finishing touches on a couple of maps that were well hidden on the harddrives of our excellent mappers such as ChezDog, TheSpoonDog and even SnowDog (who, if you ask me, has been absent way too long).

It looks like this map pack is going to bring you at least nine original maps and maybe some more conversions. So clean up some room on your harddrive, stay tuned and remember: Jailbreak — it's what's for dinner!

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