Sunday Lockdown

Image - Sunday Lockdown

Just a quick note for all you Sunday Lockdown fans. larrystorch has upgraded the UT Jailbreak server yesterday from an AMD K6 350 to a blazing fast XP1500 with 256 megs of DDR RAM.

So you better make sure that you don't miss today's Sunday Lockdown @875 InternetTime (7PM GMT or 3PM EST) over at the MotherShip.

Jailbreak III Videos

Image - Jailbreak III Videos

Want a glimpse of Jailbreak III look-and-feel? For the broadband users among you Sexmachine from UT Jailbreak Germany has created a spiffy video showing the goods of the latest Jailbreak release.

Grab it now (9.2 MB, 2:03 minutes)! And for those that have the bandwidth, Sexmachine provides a Director's Cut (18.2 MB, 3:38 minutes). Enjoy!

Jailbreak III Service Pack 1 is out!

Service Pack 1 is a network-compatible add-on update for Jailbreak III. It includes some bug fixes and a bunch of frequently requested new features such as optional numeric ping and play time display, a vastly faster server browser and a plain-text web admin interface variant.

Installing Service Pack 1 is highly recommended. Being network-compatible with the previous Jailbreak III version, you won't be running into version conflicts even if you play on a server that doesn't have it yet. (The same applies vice-versa, of course.)

Here's the full list of changes and additions:

    Botmatch-only fixes:
  • No occasional initial spawning in the wrong base anymore. Start spot is always validated against your team before you spawn.
  • Game client (and more botmatch) changes:

  • Vastly faster server browser; ping all Jailbreak servers in a few seconds. Credits for figuring it all out go to Eavy.
  • Performance increase as detailed below. Framerate vastly improved in some maps (your mileage may vary).
  • Client and server Jailbreak versions displayed in F2 server info screen. When reporting problems, please be sure to include both version tags.
  • Instantaneous crouching.
  • New option to display numerical ping and play time in the scoreboard. In addition, a default scoreboard sort order can be set.
  • Low-fi release protection effect duly disappears after release protection ends, and has the right color from the very beginning.
  • Various HUD fixes: Crosshair is displayed even if the player has configured the HUD to be hidden at all times, and the health status box's opacity matches the HUD's configured settings rather than being always translucent.
  • Screen Component doesn't crash Unreal Tournament anymore when recording a demo while a web, chat or server slide updates its contents.
  • Extended language localization support. Watch out for upcoming Jailbreak III language packs!
  • Game server (and even more botmatch) changes:

  • No more occasional server crashes (or at least no more than usual for Unreal Tournament servers).
  • Performance increase in terms of processor resources. Game servers with many players or botmatches with a lot of bots will run much smoother.
  • New option to balance all-human teams if they're unbalanced by one player. The game adds a bot to the smaller team then to balance the teams even if the total number of players exceeds the server's MinPlayers.
  • Arena fights aren't started during a release.
  • Llamaizing release protection now also kills jail campers and respawns them in their home base with default health, weapons and no armor. In addition, they get a comprehensive on-screen message that explains why that happened.
  • Client compass always points to the correct release switch.
  • Balancing by skill fixed.
  • Plain-text version of web admin interface templates included. To use them on dedicated Linux servers, copy them from the Web/plaintext subdirectory into the Web directory.
  • Plain-text version of public game stats page included. To use it, rename the file System\ to and restart your server. If you want to customize this page, have a look into that file and into jail_stats.uhtm or jail_stats_plaintext.uhtm.
  • JBCampkill automatically disabled if it's accidentally being run. Use the built-in release protection settings instead.
  • Fixed web admin interface for Macintosh computers. Two of the template files had file names that were too long for Macs.

Head over to the download page and grab it now!

JBHammer mutator released

The hammer fights in Jailbreak III are a nice addition to kill time while in jail. Will just released his JBHammer mutator for Jailbreak III which enables a lot of prizes if you manage to win some fights. You might get weapons, a shieldbelt or even get frags from other players in your team! All of this can be tweaked in a well done menu. This is a must have and I'm sure you'll find servers running JBHammer, soon! Don't forget to go to our development forums and tell will what you think about it, too.

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