Jailbreak III HUD skinnage

Image - Jailbreak III HUD skinnage

Lou 'Tankazz' Milone sent us this very professional Jailbreak III HUD skin. Download it from our Interface Skins section right now! Also this is the page to go if you want to make your own skin, too. You'll find links to a tutorial and other related information and—of course—other skins for your Jailbreak III HUD tuning...

Various News Bytes

Image - Various News Bytes

Jailbreak III Renegade Interface Skin

X-e just sent us the first custom Jailbreak III HUD skin. Head over to our Interface Skins section if you want some Renagade Jailbreak action!

New maps: JB-Spazio and JB-Mafia

Will released his first Jailbreak map which is called JB-Spazio. Get it here if you want a Jailbreak III space walk.

Also grab the final version of JB-Mafia for a bombastic stop in jail.

Don't forget to visit our Mapping and Development Forum to tell the authors what you think of these maps.

Jailbreak III Service Pack 1

Last but not least we are currently working on a Jailbreak III Service Pack which adresses the problems we have discovered in the last days, such as Jailbreak using more processor ressources than necessary or the compass pointing to the wrong release mechanism in some maps. There will also be a new option to show numerical pings on the scoreboard and a plain-text version of the web admin interface. After some testing the update will be available shortly!

Play Jailbreak III Online!

Play Jailbreak III online! (And don't forget to set your stats password first!) Even though the bots will give you a decent beating, you'll miss out on the ArenaCam, human ladders, hammer fights in jail, real players taunting you during the death sequence and much more playing offline.

Here are some servers for your fragging pleasure:

MyUnreal (U.S.) — RandomRelic, UTPure

Jailbreak MotherShip (U.S.) — JBMadmen, JBFatboy, CSHP

There are many more servers around—use the "Jailbreak" server browser tab to find them all.

And if there's something to be said about Jailbreak III, grace our forum with your presence! We're eager to hear from you.

Jailbreak III released

The time has come to release Jailbreak III! No long speech now—here are the downloads!

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