Sunday (Beta) Lockdown!

Everybody had a nice Christmas? Very good. After days of feasting and tons of presents for everyone (I hope), here's our special Christmas treat for you: Once again (and the last time this year, probably), we meet for our traditional Sunday Lockdown tonight @875 (that's 20 GMT for those who are Internet time challenged) on the Jailbreak MotherShips.

And for our Jailbreak III beta crew, we've set up a special beta server for your fragging enjoyment. We have some custom bot and player models up there (yes, they're fully supported now!), so take care that you download and install them before tonight. See this thread in the (private) Beta Testing forum for details.

JB-Ceremony Released

Image - JB-Ceremony Released

You may not know Maverick, but that didn't stop him from releasing a JB map, and good thing too. This is an officially nice map. A nali temple theme is implemented well and a single route to the enemy base calls for coordinated attacks on the enemy. It's not real big, but if you like your JB messy, this may be the map for you.

Since the download location seems to be in a state of temporal flux, I'm just gonna point you to Maverick's site. You should be able to download the map from there. And, as always, your comments are welcome on the forum.


Farking Big Screenshot!

And with it the official announcement of the fact that UTJB3 has gone beta. You're looking at the new widescreen custom death with more niceties than you can shake a stick at. More screenies will follow as time progresses.

If you've signed up for the beta testing, I've given you access to the beta forum, where you'll find instructions on how to download and install the beta. If, for some reason, I've missed your application you'll just have to e-mail me.


Tuesday lockdown

At the request of forum regular Tahngarth I'd like to point you all in the general direction of this thread. Unsatisfied with the weekly Sunday game, he's gottten together with some other affectionados and has set up an additional Tuesday lockdown. Now, even if you do work the weekends or spend most of your Sundays hungover, you've no excuse not to get the living daylights thrashed out of you in a fine old game of JB.

Gameplay takes place on the Mothership 1, evenings GMT-ish. Hope to see y'all there some day.


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