It must be Thursday

Image - It must be Thursday

And Thursday must be update day at UTJB. ElBundee has been working on a new map as well. JB-Argos is still a beta, it's missing the Screens, for example, but it's already looking pretty damn fine. And it's the first bit of original work we've seen out of El for quite a while. The view of the arena from the jail is bound to give you something to keep you occupied while doing hard time. Can't wait to see how it works out on line. Feedback is welcome in the Mapping forum.


Rob Rocks

Image - Rob Rocks

. . .and quite conceivably rolls, as well. Newbie JB mapper Rob has released not one, but two new maps. The first, JB-AncientTitan, is a conversion of his own CTFM original. Four crypts, one titan. Personally I enjoy the way people are pushing the proverbial limits of JB mapping these days, with the addition of monsters and other special features becoming more and more common.

Rob's second map is a conversion of Cliffy's CTF-Gauntlet, originally titled JB-Gauntlet. I've enjoyed a few good romps on the CTF original, and I suspect the JB version will make for a fast and intense game.

Rob originally sent me the info on AncientTitan more than a week ago and I've been terribly negligent in not informing you, the audience sooner. Please accept my apologies. It's an RL thing.


Help wanted

We're about to start off on the development cycle of the next version of UTJB, 250 or 300 depending on how many of the desired features we can manage to cram in there. As the project has grown, so has our need for assistance. We obviously have enough mappers and coders. And might I just add that they're some of the best in the community. We do need some other things, though.

First off, we're looking for somebody who can model and skin one or two small, non-animated items. It's pretty basic stuff, but I've never been able to get the hang of Milkshape myself.

Second, due to an altered domestic situation, I need somebody to do the voices for the new version. You know, "The red team has been released", "Llamahunt!" and similar. If you have a decent speaking voice, preferably female, get in touch. Again, this won't take too long. We're talking about maybe 15 sentances and exclamations.

Finally, and this one is on the 'nice to have' list, I'd really like to talk to somebody who has experience with huds and icons. The ones we currently have are nice and all, but they don't scale well. In fact, they scale very badly. If you think you can design something better, do drop me a line.

Full credit will of course be awarded for all of these positions, but that's about all we can offer. If you're still interested, send me an e-mail.


DireIce is on a roll.

DireIce, proliferous mapper of JB and other, far less interesting game types, has released JB-Warehouse, a small and relatively simple map for four to eight players. You feedback is welcome in the usual place.

In other DI news, he's released a final of the excellent JB-Darktowers, along with a CTF version. And to top things off, you really should visit his site from time to time for an excellent selection of CTF conversions, original work, and other neat stuff.


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