ChezDog's first JB map

Old news, already, I'm sorry to say. I have been a very bad news poster recently. Better late than never, I suppose.

Chezdog has released what I suspect is a beta of JB-IslandCombat. It's a big map with Screens and a JB-arena. I'm sure the 'dog will appreciate your feedback over in the forum.


Lockdown Shots

Image - Lockdown Shots

Thanks to Birelli, Foetal Youth, ElBundee, Sexmachine and Justin we have a special treat for you today: 33 action-packed in-game shots from our last Sunday Lockdown that was crowded as ever.

Have a look (warning: about one megabyte of quality shots ahead!) and post your comments in our forums.


Sunday Lockdown

The MotherShip servers are currently in the process of being relocated due to a couple of most interesting recent events, so it looks as if we'll have to invade another public server for tonight's traditional Sunday Lockdown. Let's see... yeah, clan {CU}'s public server at looks great. The Lockdown starts @875 Internet time (or 20 GMT).

Update: Seems the MotherShip at will be around tonight.

Feel free to join us in channel #utjb on before.


Swoonin' for a Spoonin'

Image - Swoonin' for a Spoonin'

That didn't sound quite right, does it? Well, so be it. TheSpoonDog informed me over on IRC that I had missed the final release of JB-Mutiny. The beta of this carrier inspired map was released a while ago to positive feedback from the regulars. Since then he's added the airplanes we were promised and a few turrets to keep players on their toes.

Do pick up this map. While you're at it, drop by TheSpoonDog's site for more mapping goodness.


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