Lockdownage Again!

Yeeeeehaaaw! QAPete's Stra... sorry. QAPete's JailBreak Mothership is up again and better than ever before. Check out his exciting news in our forums and join us for tomorrow's Sunday Lockdown @875 Internet time (that's 8 PM GMT the old-fashioned way) on the new (and relocated) JailBreak MotherShip. Don't forget to grab the updated versions of TheSpoonDog's JB-CrypTitan and JB-Antipody before.

If you like, join us in channel #utjb on before or at any time you like. You'll likely find some people there who are just as eager as you to have a nice game of JailBreak on the MotherShip, so don't hesitate and head over...


Unexpected good news

Image - Unexpected good news

A quick check of the forum revealed to me this little tidbit:
SnowDog is working on a new version of JB-Freya. Not just a revision, either by the look of the screenie. It looks familiar yet somehow different. Snowie sez I think I'll release it next monday or so... we'll see.
The original Freya was a work of art, but was let down by glitches in netplay. With Snow's track record, this one should be an excellent contribution to the ever growing list of JB maps.


The SpoonDog updates JB-CryptTitan

The SpoonDog has updated JB-CryptTitan to version 300:

Now... as far as I am aware... this version of Cryptitan should have most, if not all, of the bugs fixed that version 200 had.
One major change is that there are now no translocators allowed in the jails now :-D now i know what you are thinking... "WTF!!!", let me add that the poles to escape are More than twice as wide now so the occasional jumping bean can get out of the jail using his skill... but be warned that Titans Don't like people jumpingaround in front of them... they tend to throw rocks at you ;-)

Pick it up here.


Lockdown Screenshots

Image - Lockdown Screenshots

Not as many as usual, but we still managed to capture some exciting moments from yesterday's Sunday Lockdown. Have a look and don't forget to nip to our forums.


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