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Team Jailbreak lives to fight another day

I'll leave it to Wormbo to describe this screenshot from today's action at the fun cup:

We had to try out new ideas after getting locked down three times in a row.

So maybe not much honour, but plenty of fun anyway.

PS. You may have noticed in the last 24 hours that our site appeared to be down. All is back to normal and our domain name has been renewed!

Image - Team Jailbreak lives to fight another day

Fun, fun, fun (& honor)

The German UT community site is having fun cup season, and coming up is the Jailbreak 2004 cup. Check-in will start this Sunday at 3pm CET (2pm GMT).

Post in this forum thread to let us know if you're taking part, and remember to send us screenshots.

While obviously it's an honour to be included as one of the gametypes, that still means we have to sign up and kick everybody else's ass... in a fun way, okay?

(Thanks for the reminder Wormbo!)

Image - Fun, fun, fun (& honor)

Happy New Map!

G.Lecter has released his map Fragtion-2, available right now from all good Nali Cities. Is it a conversion? Is it an original? Well, a bit of both. The layout and the theme are from a CTF map by Mercen@ry, CTF-Fragtion, but G.Lecter calls this an almost total remake.

I'd call it a great map for some fun Jailbreak fragging. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Image - Happy New Map!

Brought to you by the letter E

There's an interesting thread on our forum in which SirTahngarth lays out a few ideas for a new concept map.

It's apparently 'a cheesy gimmick map for the little contest NaliCity is having', with the entire map set in a giant letter E. Non-symmetrical Jailbreak maps can have some pretty interesting gameplay, so look out for this one.

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