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Still alive and.......

Although this page has been quiet of late, work on the next incarnation of Jailbreak for Unreal Tournament 3 continues.

Internal Alpha 4 is in testing at the moment and there are even some maps in the works.

The_Head is working on a map named JB-Endor and it's looking pretty sexy (see pics)although I'm yet to see any Ewoks.
I'm kinda fiddling with 3dmax to make some custom stuff for a map. Of course, being me, I can't use standard meshes. That would be too easy after all.

We can never have enough maps, so if you'd like to contribute your work, post on the forums and show us what you have.

Image - Still alive and.......

Join us!

Are you a hip young coder, experienced in UnrealScript and Unreal-related projects? Do you enjoy mods centred around prison-related gameplay? Would you like to join an established development team, a talented mix of professionals and amateurs, who have already produced several award-winning projects? (We occasionally meet up for beer and water fights too.)

In short, would you like to help us create the next generation of Jailbreak?

We're a friendly group of coders, mappers, designers, llamas, and whatever comedy animal I once said does the news. If you think you can help us make Jailbreak for Unreal Tournament 3, then drop us a line.

PS. Was it moose?

UT3 Jailbreak: it begins here

Discussions have begun in our Core Development forum about the next incarnation of our mod: UT3 Jailbreak.

Current topics include whether to do something with orbs, hoverboards, and what sort of executions we want to bundle for mappers to use.

Want to join in? Drop us a line in our General forum board if you're interested in taking part in the development of UT3 JB.

New Mothership IP and new Euro server

You might have noticed that the Jailbreak Mothership has changed IP. The new address to note for the Sunday Lockdown is: ut2004://

There's also word from Thawk from Core, who has kindly set up a server for Jailbreak 2004b, based in Europe. Our own RevBillyG is the admin for this new server, and he writes:

"Be warned, when you first join, you will need to download quite a hefty file. But if you wanna finally enjoy sub-50 pings (I get around 15-20) and 110% gamespeed (much more fun imho) come join: ut2004://"

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