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The Truth Is Out There

Two ships have landed in adjacent rocky valleys, and just by chance would you believe it, there's a selection of vehicles just lying about... Sounds like an opportunity to play some vehicle Jailbreak.

I speak of course of RevBillyG's new map, the snappily named ItCameFromOuterSpace, which you can go grab from NaliCity right now.

This map has the most original approach to jailcams I've seen, and a cool cinematic execution sequence. One more thing... Look out! It's behind you!

Image - The Truth Is Out There

Mothership commandeered

Sexmachine writes:

For testing purposes the Mothership is now running the latest internal version of Jailbreak 2004, but the server does not allow to download files for the moment.

That means only the Jailbreak developers can currently play on the Mothership. Believe me, it's not all fun: we're chasing down any final bugs that may remain. We really want this version to be kick-ass perfect.

Update: Sorry, got my wired crossed. Sexmachine has disabled downloads, so I'm afraid you can neither join in nor watch if you're not a developer.

Join in the JELP

It's the best Jailbreak-related LAN party on the continent, and it's back for another year: JELP 2007 will run from 23 August to 26 August, near Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Want to come? As well as plenty of Jailbreak, there'll be beer, food, water fights, all included in the price as well as the food. Sign up!

Image - Join in the JELP

Finally we're alone

This is perhaps the Jailbreak map that's taken the longest to complete. Spoondog writes on the subject of Isolated:

This map was really a community effort in the end... it went from the first JB map in development to... well, one of the last (spanning close to 5 years!)

This is a gorgeous map with great gameplay, and totally worth the wait and work that went into it (particular thanks to G.Lecter for tireless work on the betas). Go and get it.

Image - Finally we're alone
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