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Welcome Back

Roll out that red carpet. Daikiki has come back to Europe yesterday afternoon, a bit jetlagged though happy. Welcome back. Expect more news on that from Daikiki himself later today. (See that Who the hell is Daikiki? news below in case you need to find out who the hell Daikiki is. ;-))

And while we're at it, Thoth is back, and now probably more lasting than last time---he sends word he's got his broadband hooked up yesterday. Give him your congrats in the BreakOut forum and make sure you stop by at BreakOut itself as Thoth has announced some major updates this weekend.

Nice to have both of you back!

Sunday Lockdown

Fragging as usual. Meet us and the other regulars on Sunday evening at 20 GMT for some JailBreak action on PlanetUnreal's JailBreak Mothership.

If you're early, join us in IRC in #utjb on for some UTJB shoptalk.

See you there,

Who the hell is Daikiki?

Hi guys, just wanted to point out I'm still alive and enjoying my vacation. Saw the Yankees get their behinds kicked by the Mariners yesterday. My first baseball game :) Mych seems to be doing fine in my absence, and I really look forward to checking out his new work. A bit more patience, I fear. No computer to speak of. I miss my 'puter more than I miss my cats :) See y'all soon.


DireIce Redesign

Caution sends word that he has set up a leet new outfit for DireIce's Map Design over at PlanetUnreal.

The newly designed website features polls, a mailbag and of course DireIce's well-known JailBreak maps which are now presented with a neat separate info page each. So head over, have a look, and don't forget to feed the mailbag.


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