JBCampkill released

At the request of a lot of people over at MyUnreal, I've put together this add-on. JBCampkill is a little mutator that adds spawn protection to players just released from jail. The amount of time protection is offered can be modified, and jail campers can be made Llamas.
Download JBCampkill


More Goodness

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The amount of goodness being released by thrid parties puts my own feeble development efforts to shame.

Today we have a new map by /=-. JB-Madid has been in beta for quite a long time, and even the beta was quite playable. You can finally give this underwater adventure a shot.
Download JB-Madid

Also, ElBundee has released the final version of his UTJB specific Fatboy mutator. In this mutator fatness is calculated based on amount of time spent in and out of jail.
Download JBFatboy


UTJB servers

QAPete wrote in to tell me he has set up a UTJB Mothership server over at PlanetUnreal. If you feel like kicking some PUF derriere, hop in at
Wes over at MyUnreal is also running a server at This one's proving extremely popular, so get in if you can.


More new stuff

So many cool add-ons are being released for UTJB right now that even I'm having trouble keeping up. Here's what we have from the last few days. First and foremost, Mychaeel has created a new mutator that modifies bot behaviour in jail. In short, it makes them go ballistic. But this isn't just your basic 'going postal on a hot day in Arizona' ballistic. This is scrumptuous configurable ballisticity. Make them irritable, aggressive, manic depressed. You can even set seperate team damage for jailed players so they can go around killing each other in a consequence free environment. Don't say we don't teach kids anything useful here ;)
Read all about JB-Madmen. Then download it.
I'm afraid I've turned my hand to mapping again. The result is JB-Forrester. Medieval gothic castle kinda thing. Layout's relatively simple. Lots of open spaces and a difficult approach to the mech. I've even used ElBundee's excellent JBspecials for the custom death.
Download JB-Forrester. As always, your feedback is welcome in the forum.
Lastly, I'd like to point out that solace is on the way for those of you plagued by that most nasty of phenomena, jail camping. I'll have a mutator ready within a few days that will allow an admin to give jailed players temporary protection upon release or even punish the camper. Can anybody say Llamahunt?


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