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FragPU Night

PlanetUnreal's traditional fragfest FragPU takes place tonight, or more precisely from 7-11 PM PST (that's Saturday, 2-6 AM UTC or 4-8 AM CEST). Before the fragging starts, the PlanetUnreal crew and the many FragPU fans will be hanging around in IRC on channel #planetunreal on

Grab the FragPU JailBreak map pack if you don't have the maps already and join us tonight on the JailBreak MotherShip for a worthy FragPU celebration.


JB-War released

Wiz has finally completed JB-War. Highly detailed with unique architecture, this one's certainly worth a look. Pick it up at his site.

Kudos go out to DireIce whose JB-MilitiaThunder is currently Map of the Week over at PlanetUnreal. Deservedly so, I might add. For more DireIce mappage, drop by his site. While you're at PU, notice that Muad'dibs Maps 'n Mess is their featured site for the week. Muad made JB-Skulldrudgery and deserves it as much, if not more, than the next guy.

Finally, thanks to those who participated in our Sunday Lockdown yesterday. BreakOut has some screenies of the event up that are both amusing and informative. We'll be there again next week, so if you want an opportunity to meet one of the the best teams of mappers and coders on the scene and smack them down mercilessly, be sure to drop by.


. . .only this time it's actually Sunday

What's the difference? WillySurvive has released MidnightCity 3 final. I'm having some problems downloading it from his site but you can also get it here courtesy of BreakOut. Speaking of BreakOut, they've updated again. This time with some new linkage and a review of DireIce's excellent MilitiaThunder. Do drop by.


Sunday Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for your patience with me during my absence. Mych and ElBundee have fulfilled my job well in the mean time. Thanks to both of you. I'm sorry to say that I haven't yet found the time to go through my backlog of e-mails. If I haven't got to you yet, I will. Those of you who wrote in with problems downloading, thanks. I've redone the links in the download section to reflect the new locations of the files. Drop me a line if there are still problems.

We'll start off with a few maps: The SpoonDog has released an updated version of his Hydro16 conversion. You can download it from his page. Improvements over the original include a new custom death. Haven't tried this one yet, but am looking forward to it. Do give it a spin. WillySurvive has a beta out of an updated Midnight City. Tweaks, tweaks, and Screens! Pick it up. I'm sure Willy will appreciate whatever feedback you have in the forum.

I'd like to join you all in welcoming Thoth back to the scene. We thought we'd lost you there for a while. His BreakOut site has been updated with two new reviews. The map list has also been refreshed and yet another review is promised in the near future.

Mychaeel has opened a website for his amazing 'Screens' code. For those of you not in the know:
Screens provide a very general approach to including dynamic textures in maps: A scripted texture that is connected to a Screen actor can display any number of so-called slides which can in turn show anything ranging from simple formatted text to complex dynamic game-related information.
The Screen package includes slide classes that allow the display of basic HTML formatted text including graphics (that have to be supplied as textures); players' positions as small colored dots on a sketch of your map, opening a completely new level of game tactics; or the current top players, similar to the score board. Any number and type of slides can be connected to a slide show, each slide with a different entry and exit animation. Text slides can pull their content from an arbitary web site upon loading the map if desired.
Interested in this cool new mapping resource? Visit the Screens website.

Then there's the Sunday Lockdown. Tomorrow, 20:00 GMT or 15:00 Eastern. We play at the PU JB Mothership, located at We chat on channel #utjb. I'll be there this time. Promise :)


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