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WOD reviews UTJB2

In an incredible act of one-upmanship, Weapons of Destruction has reviewed UTJB2 and found it to be exactly 1% better than ModSquad. That's 96% people. Out of 100%. That's a high score. In fact, it's the highest score they've ever given a mod. With this sudden influx of absoluteley ravashing reviews my ego is currently camping outside. It no longer fits through the door. Kobain thought the best part was the maps, however. I guess we just have some kick-ass mappers around here. A few quotes for your reading pleasure:

Hands down, they are the BEST maps I've ever played in to come with a mod.

Don't let anyone know I said this, but Phasma, in my opinion, is better then ever single map that came with UT!

Don't beleive me? See for yourself.


UTJB2 reviewed at ModSquad

ModSquad has posted a review of the new UTJB. Whaddaya think? They hated it. Said the maps were appaling and the coding even worse.
I'm kidding. They loved it. Here's a quote:
UTJB is a perfect example of a relatively small mod breaking through the barriers and standing tall and proud amongst the "big name" mods out there.
Heh. I like this guy. Here's another:
The UT community has accepted this mod with arms wide open, and you should too.
The score? 9.5 out of 10 overall. I'm a happy camper.


Beta Stuff

Where to begin? Quite a few betas for you guys to play around with today.
Snowdog has a new map in beta called JB-construction. This is a very open level with little cover and a lot of things to fall off of. A challenging map that quite lives up to his high standards. Check it out and tell Snow what you think over in the forum.
DireIce also has a new beta out. JB Enemy at the Gates is, you guessed it, a sniperfest in a war-torn city block. Featuring really nice architecture, mortar fire, and DireIce's regular commitment to quality, this one is cerainly worth a look. Download EATG and offer your feedback here.
Finally, ElBundee has something a little different for you to play around with; a UTJB-specific Fatboy mutator. Instead of size being set based on frags, JBFatboy uses the relative amount of time spent out of jail to decide how fat a player should be. He's still tweaking the balance a bit, but I'd certainly give it a try. And again, feedback is welcome in the forum.


JB-AF-Castell updated

The Germans don't have a reputation for efficiency for nothing. They've earned it. What I'm trying to say without sounding like myself telling you about a map update is that MasterBotAI has updated his new map. Besides some minor bug fixes, he's added an english readme (should save the fish some work) and added what he mysteriously calls a "pack-screen". Now I'm as big a fan of enigmatic features as the next guy, but this one has me baffled. Guess you'll just have to download it.


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